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Should we be embracing online dating?

A bit of a personal one, that lead to an amazing wedding and the start of Virtual Divine

5 months into my marriage, I've started to reflect back over the last few year's. Life these days is very different, and in a positive way!! It all started with taking a gamble at online dating while working away and one little connection trigger! After a previous relationship gone wrong, I had moved back in with my parents, along with my Rottie dog Cleo, who I'm sure had more stuff than me!

I was spending my weekends taking beautiful long walks along the sea wall and exploring the new area with Cleo. I was loving the time to 'love my self again' and 'finding me'. It's true what they say, that time is a great healer and you can only move on to better, when you have learned to be on your own! Anyway, I had taken this great new job as a Functional Consultant. Working away in different locations 3-4 days a week. Although I didn't like leaving Cleo, I knew she was well spoiled by my parents! I remember sitting in a hotel room in Glasgow, thinking what I was doing on the weekend. I didn't have any real plans. No friends living local, and no dates! Earlier in the year, I'd already registered on a couple of online dating sites and created a basic profile. I was very specific to my 'requirements' and fairly blunt about maybe not replying to messages if you didn't tick the boxes! However I wasn't really interested at the time. Anyway out of curiosity, I signed into Match.com. Reviewing a couple of messages, I spotted this one face. Selfie pic of a nearly baby face guy in a navy jumper. He looked cute! Yes I took an interest at his appearance! As its the first thing you see, its a bit hard not to! So make sure your images and Bio do you justice! Sell yourself and be honest with what you are wanting, otherwise whats the point! As I opened the message and his profile, it sparked a deeper interest. He had actually messaged me a couple of times but in my previous lack of interest, in dating, I had naughtily ignored them!! This time was different! I read his profile. I must admit not fully and I couldn't tell you what the message said or what most of his profile said! But his job caught my attention. I knew what he did! He was IT system based! Now, in mine and his line of work it's rare to find someone that knows what you do for a living! Without loosing their attention and having to do multiple different explanations! Hearing our parents explain those jobs, even to this day is entertaining.

This was a trigger for me! This is the guy! Messages begun online and text messages that night. I even had him watching a very eye catching show, which I had accidentally turned over, and I must admit I was a bit shocked to see! If anyone that has seen a late evening show on channel 4 with naked dating will know what I mean! Anyway, he wasn't scared off! Yay!

The next few days messages flowed and he asked me out that weekend. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm so indecisive! So when he kept asking me a time and where I didn't reply! I was also nervous about having the date. I didn't really have time to date with being away most the week and only free on weekends. Just to add to the lifestyle, I had thrown in a course every other weekend!

I gave in and we met up locally. Best decision on of my life!! The rest is history and a true love story followed, BUT that's another Blog! Lesson learnt...Step out of your comfort zone and get out of your own way! What excuse do you have during this strange lock down time? You never know where it might lead.

I was skeptical of online dating, and the stigma to it and the risks. Even to this day, I sometimes feel strange telling people how I met my hubby. In reality there is nothing to be ashamed about, its how the world is moving forward and its time to embrace the changes! The situation now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to someone new and to find romance.

Have you fallen in love in a similar fashion? We would love to hear your story.

Stay safe and avoid risk

Always make sure you taking precautions to stay safe!

  • Always meet in public!

  • Drive yourself or take public transport to and from the dates. Don't accept lifts in the early stages.

  • Even when just conversing or messaging don't 'overshare personal information'. It is easy to get carried away but remember this person is still a stranger!

  • Ensure family or friends know where you are for the dates and if plans change always update someone and share some details about the person you are meeting with others

Dating advise says to 'avoid Facebook stalking, but I must admit i did do a bit of research before meeting! Checked google, Facebook or if we had any 'friends in common'. Just to have a little bit of reassurance that they haven't appeared in a wanted list or newspaper for the wrong reasons! But don't get carried away! You don't want to become the stalker :-) Once you take the step its not that scary! True love can come from online!

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