Making Dreams Come True

Welcome to Virtual Divine!

Modern twist to Wedding Planning!

We can take the stress out of planning and create your wedding venue rooms into 3D bespoke designs! 

A fantastic way to help you visualise colours, decorations, room layouts and seating plans.

We can also help with supplier recommendations and sourcing your suppliers!

Visualise yourself in the room before the big day! Taking your visions and turning them into a design.

Virtual Reality, Wedding Design, Wedding Themes, Event Planning 

Turning a Vision into Reality

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

About Me:

While planning my own wedding, I struggled to work out if I had enough decorations and where would would things go, would that match the theme. I started taking pictures of all my items , creating mood boards and moving them into 'room' sections.

Then came the idea of designing our venue rooms and adding my items or similar. Suddenly my wedding began to look and feel real!

Suzie Errington (Athey)


New Forest

Services Location: Globally

Suzie Errington


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